Curses, Part 3: Breaking Curses

Guest post by Kyros

Breaking a curse is often the most straightforward element of dealing with a curse. In order to flesh out how to break a curse we must divide curses into two informal categories.

Giving curses
A giving curse is one in which you attach the curse to an object and then give it to the person, either directly or, more commonly, by hiding it in their yard.  Most curses take this route, such as hex bags, witching bottles, and some impromptu curses.

To break this sort of curse we must first locate the cursed object. Frequently this will be buried.  Look for freshly dug ground or something that doesn’t belong in the ground, such as a small bottle, a bag, or even objects such as nails.

Next, while wearing gloves, a mask, and while working in a well-ventilated area (Giving curses often involve fecal matter, rusty items, or other hazards), open the object, remove any contents, physically clean all the objects, and then magickally clean and purify everything.

Remote curses
Remote curses curse someone from afar. A popular conception of these are voodoo dolls, even though entrapment curses, binding spells, and general bad energy are much more common forms.

Despite the lack of physical objects to remove, remote curses are much easier to break.  Any number of purification and shielding rituals will do, but one of the easiest is a ritual salt bath.

Draw a warm bath. Stir in several ounces of sea salt or kosher salt.  Ask for purification from your deity and slowly enter the bath. Soak thoroughly. Then wash away all the salt water — leaving any behind will cause the purification to fail.  Get out and thank your deity for the purification. The ritual is now complete. Couple with a good shielding spell for best results.

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4 responses to “Curses, Part 3: Breaking Curses

  1. I would like to hear more about generational curses and how to break them.

  2. This is simply amazing. I never imagined that someone throwing negative energy my way could be considered a curse, but I guess it is. Thank you for explaining exactly what a curse is, and why it’s important to protect yourself.

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