All In A Night’s Work

Bees.  Bees coming at my face.  In particular, one bee crawling on my cheek.  I can feel its little legs crawling and it sends hot shivers of fear down my back.  Its furry body wriggles over my face and I try to scream but can’t, the fear has me locked in place, I can’t move…

I wake up to find that the bee was actually some of my hair under my face, tucked under in such a way that it stuck up and the ends were poking my cheek, making it seem like the bee had been real.  That dream stuck with me a while.  I like to say that I’m not really afraid of bees, but…I kind of am.  My good friend is allergic to them and I’m always afraid that she’ll get stung, which translates over to being afraid that I’ll get stung as well.  Rationally, I know that only the bees with stingers are the ones to watch out for.  But I just don’t like bugs or flying things (except birds).  And don’t even get me started on spiders!

That dream, though, stayed with me a while, not only for the fear it caused me but for its deeper meaning.  What was it trying to tell me?  I remembered it for a reason, so what is the reason?  I don’t know about you all, but having an insanely good visual memory causes me to remember about 95% of my dreams.  When I don’t dream, I know I’m either too exhausted to remember, or I’m just not meant to remember what my mind was working out after I closed my eyes.

Dream interpretation isn’t as tricky as it sounds.  Sure, there are tons of books and websites devoted to telling you How To Interpret Your Dreams.  But it is really much simpler than that.  Your dreams are coming from you–think of it like you’re talking to yourself in the mirror, except one part of yourself is hard of hearing.  All the keys to finding out what your psyche is trying to say are right there for you to see.  The trick is knowing what the symbols mean.

There are a few fairly universal dream symbols, such as water being representative of emotions, but dream symbols have different shades of meaning for everyone.  While candy in my dream may mean to me that I’m being too sweet, to someone else it may just mean they’re hungry and wanting something delicious to eat.  That’s just an example–I’ve never looked up what candy actually means in dream terminology.

Two universal dream symbols I can think of are water and sex.  Water symbolizes the emotions.  Swimming in water, drowning in water, drinking water, storms, floods, whatever…water will pretty much always stand for the dreamer’s emotional state.  And sex in a dream…well, that one is pretty self-explanatory!  For looking up symbols, I recommend this website: Dream Moods.  It has been useful to me in the past for at least getting me started on thinking about what something means in a dream.

Figure out what the symbols mean to you.  That will get you closer to finding out what your dreams mean than anything else will.  And sometimes you might need to talk the dream out with someone, but no matter what they say remember that it was your dream, and it’s your mind.  You’re the only one who can figure out what the puzzle means in terms of you.

I know what cleaning means to me in the waking world.  Either I’m upset, bored, or avoiding working on the 4 projects I have coming due soon.  But cleaning in my dreams?

Maybe my brain is telling me it needs to be cleaned.

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2 responses to “All In A Night’s Work

  1. I enjoyed your between the lines humor, but what about Fire as the classical universal symbol?

    • Mmm, fire. I considered adding fire to the list, but when I was thinking about fire I thought there were so many interpretations to the symbol of fire that I was hesitant to label it a universal. I mean, fire could be interpreted to mean anger, passion, love, rage, warmth, and so much more.

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