Stereotype #1: Pentacles Everywhere On You

Okay, so I admit, I have one piece of jewelry that would place me in this category.  It’s a huge pendant necklace that’s at least an inch and a half in diameter, a pewter pentacle with pretty blue stones set into the points.  But in my defense, I had asked for it for Christmas from my mom, and she got it for me. I still have it, and still wear it on occasion– but mostly under my shirt.  It’s too big for me to wear in public and be comfortable about it.  I don’t want to shove my pagan-ness in other peoples’ faces, you know.

There is a stereotype that pagans, especially the young, new ones, dress in dark colors or medieval-style clothes, wear heavy make-up, and wear a ton of pagan jewelry.  You’ve probably seen some of these people in high school, also known as the “emos” and the “goths”.  Somehow this image is portrayed over and over in movies and the media.  A young high school-aged girl dressed in all black (and usually form-fitting shirts, at least), wearing far too much make-up and wearing at least one huge pentacle, sometimes more.

For some reason this is the image of a pagan that some people think of.  And even if the person isn’t in high school, goth/emo, or a girl, the stereotype also provides for any pagan wearing as many pentacles as will fit on their body.  Rings, earrings, necklaces, any and all of it.  Dripping with pentacles and pagan jewelry until they shine in the fluorescent lighting from all the silver and necklace chains.

I don’t know about the rest of the pagan community, but I tend to wear no more than two pents at any given time.  Not only because I’m still in the broomcloset, but also in the name of good taste.  How did this stereotype come about, anyway?  In my high school, there were only a handle, maybe, of girls who dressed that way and fit the stereotype.  And in the pagans I’ve met since, few if any wear as much pagan jewelry as the stereotype implies.  Yeah, I wear dark colors because I prefer those, but I don’t wear all black all the time.  Most pagans don’t fit this mold, and the ones who do tend to be few and far between.

Silly movies.

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2 responses to “Stereotype #1: Pentacles Everywhere On You

  1. There are so many symbols in the pagan ideology besides the pentacle it is just that one that seems to have grabbed the mainstream so strongly. I know many practitioners who prefer the symbol of the Tree. I myself have made several gemstone neclaces for them with tree pendants as opposed to Pents.

    Yeah movies get a lot wrong, I blame the shock and awe factor.

    Take care!

  2. When does the media get anything right? Often stereotypes are exaggerated and only exist to reinforce a negative image. I agree with your conclusion, I’ve met very few serious pagans who dress like that – actually, come to think of it, I can’t name any at the moment….

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