Opinion Article: Rethinking Pagan Discrimination

Opinion piece from a writer for WitchVox.  It’s a bit long, but it’s interesting, and worth the read as it brings up some valid points.


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One response to “Opinion Article: Rethinking Pagan Discrimination

  1. I think there’s a very valid point in that article, but there are some flaws in her argument, such as “The people milling around the booths had no qualms with elbowing us out of their road, ignoring common courtesies such as a simple “Pardon me, ” while doing so, and even resorting to stepping in front of us to examine products we were considering purchasing ourselves. ”

    Which seems to imply people were rude to her simply because of her dress and demeanor, when yet there doesn’t seem to be any proof of it – people are simply at times rude without any deeper motive.

    I do however very much like her one remark towards the end, “The first time a lesson is presented is usually the easiest to deal with and overcome. While I’d like to say that being smart (rather than being stubborn and pigheaded such as myself) and dealing the first go-round is the path of least resistance, I also know that sometimes the most difficult situations we deal with provide us with lessons with the highest impact and it is not my place to lecture anyone on how to best learn our own lessons. “

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