Opinion Article: The Pagan Secret

Opinion piece from WitchVox.  It has some grammar/spelling mistakes, which make me twitch, but it does raise one or two good points that make you think a little bit about what he’s trying to say.  Thought it was worthy of sharing.


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One response to “Opinion Article: The Pagan Secret

  1. His writing has a solid point but comes across as a bit harsh to me. While some empirical sense is needed in all dealings, there is a certain amount of all subjectivity in religion which is something that is addressable. It is not difficult to go from dismissal of “magical meditations” to “unlock unlimited secrets and potential” to actually dismissing someone’s religious beliefs, which is something we all have to be careful of.

    The rediscovery and rebirth of paganism in the new age is fundamentally the result of the golden dawn movement, but they carried some very specific ideas which by no means address all of the concepts currently covered by the umbrella of paganism today.

    I suppose what I’m saying is, take most things with a grain of salt, but don’t dismiss people’s religion either.

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