News Article: Former Vampire Candidate for Governor Jailed

This guy is legitimately insane.  At the movie theater where I work, about two years ago we showed the documentary made of him, and he of course was there for the premiere.  I have never met a creepier person, and since I wasn’t a manager then, at least I only had to meet him once.  I didn’t have to pick him up or take him to dinner like the bosses had to.  We got him to sign the poster, though, and it hung in our lobby for a while.

Found this article on WitchVox.  It’s short but to the point.  Further Google searching with lend more information if you would like to read more about him.


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2 responses to “News Article: Former Vampire Candidate for Governor Jailed

  1. Hey, wow, that is fairly creepy – and look, another political figure using religion (or maybe just cult cliche) to get support!

    Side note though, you might want to make your links open in a new window though…

  2. He was a creeper.
    He was trying to show off when we took him to dinner, and he told us stories about him and the secret service, his girlfriend, his wife. They went from just a little bit creepy in a “I don’t want to be alone with him but he seems harmless when kept in public” sort of way, to just outright creepy in “Someone call the police or FBI, I think this guy is going to kill someone” sort of way.

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