Humans: Good Idea or Bad?

In one of my earlier posts (Weekly Deity: Ptah) I had mentioned this: “Some would argue that creating humanity was a bad idea, but we’ll leave that aside.”  There was a request for elaboration on that statement, so here is the post of elaboration.  Enjoy, and I hope I don’t give you too much of a headache!

Humanity.  Leaving aside the very convoluted and passionate Evolution v. God creation debate, humans were in some way created.  But was the creation of humans a good thing or a bad thing?

What Do You Mean?  It Was A Great Idea!

Creating humans surely gave the gods some amusement through the vast millenia of the gods’ existence, I’ll give us that much.  We also became more intelligent than the other animals that live with us, and some of us use that intelligence for good things.  We learned how to create things that exist outside of ourselves: books, art, music, cars, and many other things both good and bad.  I don’t think anyone would say that Mozart was a bad idea, or Shakespeare.  We have language, which is a beautiful thing in and of itself that we didn’t even create–it sprang up naturally at some point millenia ago and evolved from there.

We humans can be beautiful in the way we live and love.  Humanity is no longer about just survival, but about meaning and living.  Plus, we can be great caretakers, helping not only our fellow man but the other animals around us.  We can use that intelligence to benefit others, and we can use our brains to help benefit the Earth.

Oh Please.  Humanity Was A Terrible Idea.

Since we were created, what have we done?  Well, ok, indigenous peoples weren’t/aren’t so bad, but once colonialism became popular, that’s when humanity really went downhill and we’ve stayed downhill ever since.  We use up the natural resources at a rate that is alarming.  We treated our fellow humans like crap once exploration took off, and it hasn’t stopped.  There is a long, long list of all the things humanity has done wrong, and we seem to be continuing in the trend: war, nuclear bombs, murder, terrorism, genocide, rape, crime, etc.  Centuries of it, and lately it only appears to be getting worse.

Not only our transgressions against fellow humans, but also our transgressions against the Earth herself.  Buildings that eat up green land and resources.  Trees cut down for wood and to make paper and other things.  Mining (minerals, gemstones, and oil).  The depletion of the ozone layer because of what we put into the air.  Basically anything that involves modern technology is hurting the Earth in some way.  Which, in my opinion, creates a question for pagans: how can we claim to revere nature and then support and use modern technology that so clearly has a negative effect?

I can’t watch Disney’s “Pocahontas” without getting angry at the settlers for what they do and the way they live.  And I’m from British ancestry!  Those are my people and I’m ashamed of them for the way they behaved, tearing up the earth for nothing more than gold, and killing with barely a second thought.

So it’s easy to see why some would argue that creating humanity was a bad idea overall.  Which then begs the question: what is the purpose for humanity’s existence?  If we were a bad idea, then what are we here for?  Maybe we’ve been a bad idea so far because we’ve had the wrong ideas about life and the “right” ways to live for so long.

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One response to “Humans: Good Idea or Bad?

  1. Thank you very much for this post. My eyes lit up when I saw the title – and it’s a topic I love very much. I think one of the things I love the most is the complexity of the human condition: We have a moral compass, yet we are not forced either to do good nor bad. We have done both wonderful and horrible things, and on occasion, for reasons that no one understands. We lie and mistreat each other worse then we treat the things around us. It has been said before that humanity is the perfect virus – endlessly replicating and taking over, destroying all we touch. At the same time, we are unique and special – yet this can be taken too far.

    I’d argue that in the end, Humanity is a balancing act. (Which leads us into some very interesting commentary about the ends justifying the means…)

    Regardless, I love the article. Beautiful job.

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