Isn’t this Winter??

Yep, I’m making polite conversation about the weather.

Well, sort of.  I’m the kind of person who prefers the weather to stay somewhere around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit–all year long.  I would live in Hawai’i if it weren’t so expensive, I hear it’s fair weather for most of the year.

So I was delighted last week when the temperatures rose from freezing-my-butt-off 30 degrees and below to a nice I-can-go-out-with-no-jacket 50 degrees.  And imagine my happiness when all this week is supposed to be much of the same–until Friday, when I begint to freeze once more.

Yes, my blog post really is about the weather.  Get over it.

I enjoy walking in 50 degrees in January.  Yet I can’t shake the feeling that because it’s January, I should still be bundled up in a warm winter coat, gloves, hat, and scarf, plus layers underneath.  It’s supposed to be COLD, and while I supremely enjoy the warm spell, it’s just not right.

As much as I dislike the winter, I do acknowledge that it’s necessary.  It’s the time of rest, the time of gathering resources and energy for the great burst of growth in the spring.  It’s the season of darkness and cold and sleep.  All of these things are necessary if there is to be life.  Winter is crucial if the earth is going to renew herself for the spring season–she needs to rest just as we do.  Think of it as the year is one very long 18-hour work day for her, and winter is the time she finally gets a little sleep in.  Sleep will always be needed unless you’re a vampire.

So as much as I despise the cold (and the extreme heat, if it comes to that), I do see winter’s necessity and consider it something to be borne with.  I can’t hate winter itself–there’s Christmas/Yule, and presents, and snow, and New Year’s, and my nice long winter break.  How can I hate winter when it has all those nice things?

But wouldn’t it be nice if winter wasn’t so cold?

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2 responses to “Isn’t this Winter??

  1. Hey, it’s your blog, you can write about whatever you want!

    I do also prefer warm – but more about the dry 80+ degree weather.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that I’d sleep even if I was a vampire – I just really enjoy sleeping.

  2. You could always winter in Florida. Today the temp in Miami is 68 F with a high of 74 F.
    But I like winter because I think people are more reasonable in winter. True by the end of winter people are going crazy with cabin fever, but until then I think the cool weather calms people and slow them down so that they can think. Of course then people run the risk of over thinking, but I think that is something most people never have to worry about.
    But I agree about the Yay for the warm temps, if only for short while, to remind us of what it is like to be warm. Warm makes people happier.

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