The Shift from Winter to Spring: It’s Already Here!

I can feel spring in the air.  It’s wonderful and tantalizing and glorious.  The sun is shining and the world looks beautiful.  Sure, there’s still some snow on the ground, and the temperatures aren’t getting much higher than 45 degrees, but it feels like things are warming up.

And people can feel it.  I’ve noticed in the past few days that everyone looks a little more upbeat.  Around my office people are working a little bit harder, complaining a bit less, and just generally more friendly.  Granted, this could be due to the nearness of spring break (7 days), but I think it’s something more awesome.  Spring!  I myself have felt the shift.  I’ve been feeling more energetic, I’m happier, and I’m warmer.  I’ve been smiling and singing and dancing around, and trust me that doesn’t happen often.   I’ve been sleeping better.  The only thing I can attribute this to, since my schedule and my activities haven’t changed, is the change in season, from a season of sleep and stillness to a season of growth and change and life.

Spring is the season of new.  Birds are back from their hiatus, animals that have hibernated all winter are waking up, and these things are so visible that they delight the eye with their novelty after a winter of dead trees.  Grass will soon be greener and leaves will return to the trees.  Everything just looks better.  And everyone is in a better state of mind, in which they feel happier and more vibrant than before.

With the spring equinox coming up in only two weeks (sweet!), it’s time to get into a spring frame of mind.  Clean up your home a bit, open the windows when it starts to get warm and air out the staleness of winter, wear bright colors, and notice how green the world is getting.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get one last freak snowstorm (please not over spring break, please please please!), but the shift from silver winter into green springtime is already starting to happen.  Enjoy the last vestiges of winter before it’s gone and anticipate being warm again soon!

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