The Elements: Water

*In honor of the torrential rain that is supposed to drop here tomorrow*

What covers a large portion of the earth?  What are humans almost entirely made of?  If you guessed water, you’re correct!  *Cheering*  Water is a staple of our human existence and life on this planet.  We are dependent on being able to obtain water in order to survive.

The alchemical symbol for Water

Water is a feminine element.  Its color association is normally blue, and in almost all tarot decks the suite of cups is the suite of water (I think this is generally an undisputed association, but as I haven’t seen every tarot deck in existence, I’m not going to say it’s for certain).  The element of water is paired with the season of autumn and the cardinal direction West.  The sun signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are all Water personalities.  (Of course, other traditions may draw other associations and other meanings for the elements, so please keep in mind that these are only one way of looking at the world.)

Water is the element of the emotions.  When water is seen in dreams (waves, floods, pools, lakes, etc.) it is almost always symbolic of the dreamer’s emotional state.  This element is connected with intuition, the spirit/soul, and spirituality.  For centuries water has been used as a purifying element in the form of purifying baths and other such ritual purifications.  Often when cleansing something or someone it is said that the water is washing away the negative things to leave the purified object/person.

Connecting with water helps to connect with the deeper parts of yourself.  Water brings you closer to your intuition and inner self.  How can you connect with water?  It’s not that difficult, and can even be done on a daily basis if you feel the need.  The sounds of water are calming to many people, and you don’t need it to rain to hear the drips of water.  Playing CDs with music of a rain shower can be incredibly calming.  Fountains also are soothing, and setting a little fountain up in your home creates a nice effect as well as brings water into your daily life.  Just drinking purified water can help connect with the element–everyone knows how good it feels to drink a glass of cold water and feel its immediate effects.  Water is also beneficial to connect to on a daily basis because of its calming effects.  Having water in the workplace, even if the only connection is through blue and green colors, helps relieve some of the stress you may feel.

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  1. after you posted the entry on AIR, I was was pondering if you would do the other elements and now you’ve done water. I’m all a twitter for the rest of the elements.

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