Opinion Article: The Easter Bunny Must Die

Unintentionally funny, or ridiculing of others’ beliefs?  Or even both? Personally, I hope the author was joking so that I could laugh about it and find it amusing, but somehow I don’t think he is, and thus it’s no longer funny but rather alarming…

“St. Valentine, priest and martyr, gets a pagan symbol of lust as his mascot, it’s not right.  It’s not even a good pagan symbol of lust, not that I am an expert in pagan-lust symbology, but I am quite certain there must be a better symbol than an overweight baby with wings and a bow.”  Ummm…read Greek/Roman mythology much?  There’s a fairly simple explanation for that–his name is Cupid/Eros and he was often portrayed as a young boy, and later was given wings, and he did have arrows to shoot people to make them fall in love usually at the request of his mother Aphrodite/Venus.  An easy Wikipedia search would bring that up.

(And by the way, “Paddy’s” is WRONG.  It’s “Patty’s”, from St. PATRICK with a T.  Although there is a linguistic reason for why some might think the “t” is a “d”, it doesn’t apply in this case when the correct spelling is there for you already.  Learn English, sir author Pat Archbold.)


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One response to “Opinion Article: The Easter Bunny Must Die

  1. Interesting (albeit idiotic) article. I’m glad you had a lengthy response though it strikes me a stronger response could of been made – Easter was a pagan holiday long before any idea of Christianity existed. Thus why the Easter symbolism.

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