The Energy of Others

Can’t see it.  Can’t really feel it.  It’s like the wind.  You can only see its effects, but not the thing itself.

That’s energy.  All people emit energy (as does everything else, but right now we’re concentrating on people).  I’ve heard some people say that energy is the aura, and I’ve heard other people say that’s not so.  Whatever–it doesn’t really matter what you call it.  It’s energy, and it’s there.

Even the least psychic person is able to pick up on energy.  The difference is that they don’t realize that’s what they’re feeling, whereas a psychic or aware person does realize the effects of energy.  Have you ever met someone for the first time and taken an instant dislike to them?  Or after being around a certain person, you sometimes feel more tired, drained (the opposite can happen too, you feel happier and more energetic when around someone)?  Those feelings are you picking up on someone else’s energy.

I know from personal experience that some people are energy boosters while others are energy drains.  There are some people that I tend to not want to be around anymore because I will leave the encounter feeling absolutely drained unless I’ve prepared myself beforehand.  However, the energy of certain other people can have a calming influence, or an energetic influence.  Those are the kinds of energy that most people tend to enjoy being around.

Energy drainers may not intend to be a drain.  Sometimes those people don’t realize they’re a drain.  What a drainer does is this: their energy will latch onto yours and “feed” or “drain” your energy while you’re around them.  Other times a drainer just has very dark energy and that energy acts as a kind of contaminate on yours, and that’s why you then feel tired or down after being around a person.  People who feed on others’ energy intentionally are called “energy vampires” or “psychic vampires.”  Most of the time, though, drainers don’t realize they drain other people.

I’ve been told of one kind of protection that is fairly simple to use.  I’ve only used it once or twice, however, but it seemed effective.  It’s a visualization technique.  What you do is this: Visualize yourself, your entire body.  You’re going to visualize that when you physically snap your fingers, vines of roses will come up from the ground and twine around your legs, up to your torso, down your arms, and over your head until you’re covered in roses.  Hold that image and tie it to a feeling of protection.  If you feel like you haven’t gotten it right the first time, or like it won’t stick, it’s okay to do it again (but don’t do it too much at once, or you’ll feel mentally drained from your efforts).  Once you feel like it’s worked, the next time you feel threatened or like someone might be draining your energy, just snap your fingers (or use another kind of trigger, like tapping your finger against your leg or something) and you should be able to feel the protection rise around you (the first couple of times it will help to consciously think about it, but after that you probably won’t have to visualize the roses around you when you snap, it will just happen).

Another protection–avoid the people you know you don’t feel good around.  Sometimes that’s not possible, but physical avoidance when an option is the simplest cure for energy drain.

All people have energy, and that energy is emitted and manipulated constantly.  Are you a drainer?  Or are you the one drained?

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7 responses to “The Energy of Others

  1. Well stated. Brightest of Blessings – Mead Muse

  2. shamrockwitch

    Great Post Sita. As a Reiki practitioner, I work with energy- energy sensing. Some people who are unwitting drainers can bring the whole atmosphere of a room full of people down- You feel like you have walked into a room where there was a recent argument Quite spikey and oppressive. Others who are optimistic- happy go lucky- can make the opposite true.
    The way i protect myself is to imagine I am in a rainbow bubble- which allows positive energy in and out and reflects negative energy back to the point of origin.
    Sensing energy around you- from people, plants, animals and earth and earth spirits is truly awesome. We can all do it- with a little practise- we just need to be still and feel.

    • I like your method of protection, using a rainbow is something I had never thought of. I’d heard of various ways to use different colors in visualization to achieve different things, but I’d never heard that suggestion before. Thanks for your input!

  3. Is there a way for a person to identify if they are a drainer or energizer or calming type? I mean without asking another.
    Can a person change their type?
    or Do different people experience a person’s energy different? or if you are one type, are you always experienced as that type by everyone or different people experience a person’s energy differently?

    • Huh. I’m not entirely sure how to answer your questions, or even if I can, but I’ll try. I guess the best way to figure out what type you are without asking someone is to watch the people around you. Watch how they act around you–do they suddenly act disinterested or bored, or seem tired? Or do they seem to brighten a bit? Or is their response neutral? It may be hard to tell, but if you’re any good at watching people, you might be able to figure out your type that way.

      Everyone experiences energy differently, and there are many different types of people. I see no reason why one person couldn’t react more strongly to someone’s energy than another, or for one person to find someone depressing while another finds them entertaining. I’m sure they may be some “universal” drainers, as I’m sure there may be some universal energizers. Energy is somewhat subjective. As for a person changing their type, I see no reason why a person couldn’t change. Just as people grow and mature over time (at least I hope they do, but I’ll grant that I do know some very immature adults), a person who was depressing to be around as a child could potentially bloom in their teenage years and become more energizing. While I don’t know with certainty if this is true, and it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong, I see nothing wrong with the theory that people can change their energetic type, at least.

  4. Nice article. That’s a clever protection technique. I’d love to see you expand on this huge freaking topic of energy and people though – you seem to have a lot of thoughts in this single post.

    • Haha, yeah, the topic of energy is just enormous, there’s a lot that could be said about it. I tried to narrow it down as best I could for this one article, but some other ideas crept in. Thanks for the comments! If you have any more suggestions let me know!

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