Spring Cleaning–More Than Just Physical Benefits!

Ah, yes, it’s now time for the typical big spring cleaning project.  Most of us pick a day to go through our rooms/apartments/homes and set to it with abandon: clothes thrown everywhere, dusting, vacuuming, spraying, wiping, neatening, and evertything else imaginable.

Of course, this tends to help any and all clutter that has accumulated over the winter (though if you’re like me, the newly-neatened room doesn’t stay that way for very long).  But the benefits of spring cleaning tend to be more than merely physically neatening your living space and getting rid of items that are no longer needed.  Spring cleaning is almost a natural response to the change in season.  Even people who hate to clean (like me) tend to participate in this annual event.  Why?  It’s not like my mother cajoles me into helping her with the task anymore since I moved out.

Spring cleaning is more than a purely physical thing.  It’s the other benefits that come from it that make you feel really good.  Anyone ever noticed that when you’re done with the cleaning and neatening and straightening that you feel lighter inside?  Spring cleaning is sort of a reorganization and a cleansing of the energy in your living space, to shoo out the staleness and stagnancy of the winter months to let in the regrowth and vibrancy of spring.  While the cleaning may create some mental anguish at first, by the time you’re done you should feel more peaceful.  The shedding and cleaning of physical things creates a cleansing of the energy in you and around you so that you feel cleaner, lighter, and more vibrant.

(If you aren’t highly allergic, like me) open up the windows and let the air wipe out the old air and energy of winter.  Pack away winter clothes and hide them to make way for spring and summer clothes.  Water is used to clean surfaces.  If you have plants, you’ve already noticed how earth is lending a hand to your switch in energy, and if you don’t, then think about going to pick up a small plant  or some flowers from the store.  Plants in the home have an uplifting effect.

So throw yourself into spring cleaning!  It’s good for your home and for you!

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