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Tarot Card Series: Seven of Cups

Robin Wood tarot deck, 7 of Cups

*As the first test of the Tarot Card series, let me invite any reader to read this first try and then if you have any suggestions on other things to include in the post, please comment and let me know what else you would like to be included in the Tarot Card series posts.  I will not necessarily go through each individual suite in order or go in numerical order when I chose a card.*

Element: Water

Number Importance: Seven is the number of thought, of the consciousness.  It is also the number representative of the imagination and impractical dreaming.  Seven is a prime number, and is also considered lucky.

Important Aspects of the Card: The cups, of course, are important in identifying the suite of the card, as well as the number.   It’s not particularly important that the figure in the card is female (other decks have a male).  The fact that the cups look like they are floating on clouds is important, as are the things held in the cups: a castle, a wreath, a theater mask, a dragon, a snake, treasure, and sparkles.

Interpretation: When I pull this card in a reading, I usually tell people they are daydreaming too much and aren’t paying enough attention to everyday matters.  They’re spending too much time in the clouds.  The items held in the cups are wonderful and tempting, but almost all are imaginary or illusory.  They aren’t real, and can’t be had in this reality.  Hidden in with the wonderful things are the bad things: the dragon and the snake, representing that there is danger and pain alongside the good.  This is considered a card of choices or plans that have little basis in actual reality.  It’s a sign to be more vigilant and considerate of the everyday life, and to pay attention more.  As a card of cups, and thus of the emotions and the intuition, if dreams are getting too farfetched or the choices seem too unreal, there is always the intuition available to guide you away from the dragons.  This card is a sign to come back down to earth, pull your focus out of Dream Land, and if there are choices to face that all seem equally fantastic or appealing, to trust the intuition.

*Please remember, my interpretation may not be the same interpretation you or another person will have for this card every time in every reading.  Interpretations can vary according to what the card means to you.*

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