“Out of curiosity, what’s your sign?”

“Sagittarius.  Yours?”

“Aquarius.  I can’t date you.”   *Leaves conversation and poor Sagittarius bewildered*

Some people really do take astrology that seriously.  There are those who are so into it that they define their days, their entire lives, around what they read in horoscopes and in astrological descriptions.  And, hey, if that works for them, and they’re happy, so be it.  I’m not one to criticize someone else’s life, especially if they’re happy with it.

That doesn’t mean astrology should be taken that seriously by everyone.  I’ll be the first to admit that when I meet a guy I like, I’ll figure out his sign.  All that tells me is where to look for problems, and how compatible we might be, but it doesn’t tell me how much he matches his sign, or what other personality quirks he may have that I may like.  Just because someone is a different sign from my own doesn’t mean I can’t date or be friends with them–it just means I may have to work a little harder at certain areas of the relationship because of our contrasting personality traits.

I like astrology, I think it’s fun.  I look at my horoscope on occasion, just to see what it says, but it’s not something I’m going to put much stock in–most horoscopes are just too generic to have any meaning to me.  It’s fun to see how accurate some of the descriptions are of the different signs–I know my Virgo descriptions tend to be fairly correct in describing major personality traits.

On the other hand, I believe very much in the astrology report I received from a very good astrologer who was referred by a long-time family friend.  There are things she told me by looking at my natal chart that I hadn’t told her about myself or my past, and she was right.  I’m always wary when someone tells me how the future is going to be, so I take what she says about the future with a grain of salt, but her readings of my past and present situations had been spot on.  But I don’t base my life or my actions entirely off (or even majorly off) of what I was told in my natal chart.

Most signs don’t tend to get along well with their own sign in a romantic relationship.  I know this to be true in my own life, I doubt I could ever date another Virgo and have it actually work long-term.  I’d go crazy.  But friendship with your own sign can work out splendidly.  Relationships can happen with signs that aren’t your “most compatible” ones–but you’ll probably find that you have to work a lot harder with these people to build a relationship, whether friendly or romantic, than you would with someone from a “compatible” sign.  Two of my best friends have signs that a Virgo isn’t generally compatible with, and I notice that at times we fight a lot, or needs breaks from each other frequently, or generally get on each others’ nerves.  Doesn’t mean we can’t mean something to each other–but it does mean that our basic personalities call for a lot of work to keep the friendship from imploding.

All in all, astrology can be fun, but in my opinion, it shouldn’t be used to define a person’s entire life.  There are a lot of sham-astrologers out there, but if you’re lucky enough to run into a good one, like the one who did my natal chart, I advise you to listen to what they have to say.  You don’t have to take their advice (and even with the legitimate astrologers you may not want to take their advice; everyone can be wrong some time)–but they could reveal patterns in your life you didn’t see before, all because they see how the stars and planets interact in your life and you may not.

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