Tree Sperm Giving You Problems? Look No Further!

Like many people, I suffer from pollen and hay fever allergies.  The bane of my childhood, when I spent most of my time in the barn and still carried a box of tissues with me everywhere I went.  My allergies had been getting better as I grew older–but this year everything went all to hell and my allergies have been the worst they’ve been in years.

Even worse, I can’t take most allergy medicines because they make me sleepy, including the supposedly “non-drowsy” kinds.  Plus I hate taking pills, though I’ll take them when necessary.  A few times this year those pills became necessary, and they knocked me out for a good three to four hours.  Fun.  Normally sleep is good.  But not at 3 in the afternoon in the middle of class.

I hear, both in person and browsing the interwebs, that many pagans prefer a more natural approach to healing and medicine, and only resort to pills when they are necessary.  (Though this of course does not apply to all–there are some who will use conventional medication first, and only resort to natural remedies if or when the conventional means don’t work, especially for serious problems.)  So, if you’re like me and can’t or won’t take allergy pills, yet still need some relief, I have a few suggestions:

  • Mint:  I have actually had success with this, which is why I list it first.  Use essential oil of mint to help with the sinuses.  I don’t think it actively prevents allergies, but it does help in breathing easier and in my experience I think it even helped in preventing somewhat the usual reaction to pollen.  I noticed that when I smelled mint I didn’t sneeze as much, and my nose was less stuffy.  I could breathe!  Even mint toothpaste and mint gum helped, so I don’t think it depends entirely on the essential oil (although I’m sure the oil is most effective).  Doubt me if you wish, but I was in Pittsburgh and suffering from allergies, unable to take a Benadryl or I would sleep my vacation away.  My aunt offered me a stick of mint gum, and without thinking of allergies I took it.  Ten minutes later I’d noticed I had stopped sneezing and I could breathe easier.  I chewed mint gum for the rest of the trip and had very few problems after that.  Cross my heart and hope to die if I lie!
  • Quercetin: a plant-derived flavonoid nutritional supplement that some people use to help with allergies.  I had originally planned to try this, but I was having trouble finding it, and now I don’t need it!  It’s not as “natural” as mint or saline, but it is plant-based.  However, because it’s a supplement, ALL directions and information on the label should be read before use.  More info: click here.
  • Saline spray: I’ve used this before.  The key here is to use it at least once a day.  It keeps the nasal cavity hydrated (prevents nosebleeds, if your allergies are as serious as mine), and helps to flush out the allergens that you breathe in.  I include this in natural remedies because, if my understanding is correct, it’s just a mixture of salt and water.  Sounds pretty non-scientific to me.
  • Fish oil: I’ve heard of this only briefly, but I’m not sure of its effectiveness or how it would be used for allergies.  But it could be something to look into.
  • Wash:  Wash before going to bed, either by taking a full shower to get rid of as many allergens on your body as possible, or if you can’t shower (or already did), then just wash your face.  It seems like common sense, and I certainly hope everyone showers.  But washing up before bed takes away the allergens that stick in your hair, on skin, on clothes, etc. and should help with sleeping.

Hope someone out there finds this helpful!  And good luck with the allergies, now that we’re moving soon from spring to summer!

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5 responses to “Tree Sperm Giving You Problems? Look No Further!

  1. How are people not fans of honey? Honey is amazing and is considered near the nectar of the gods in some mythos. Honey and granola is especially amazing.

    I will try the mint thing – I wonder how well chewing on mint leaf works? In reference to Stevans post, I find that horseradish really clears the sinuses – bring on the hot mustard.

    Nice title by the way Sita.

  2. I hear honey is really effective! It’s all over the organic stores around here. They post how close the farm is to the store so people can gauge exactly where the bees are.

    Good stuff 😀

  3. Very helpful, esp since I find myself bathed in tree sperm constantly; it gets in my hair, my eyes, and even my mouth. I find it very distasteful.

    Some other ideas, I’ve used.
    I’ve found that avoiding going outside and minimizing my time outside helps my allergies. Also, spicy foods I’ve found have help to clear the head, and that helps during allergy season. I’ve also found that forcing myself to come in contact with the irritant has helped. By rubbing my face in the tree sperm and grass. I’ve found that I’ve developed a tolerance to the irritating effects.

    Tree sperm (and other flower sperm) is clingy, it gets in places you don’t want to, clumps your hair, makes your eyes water and burn, and leaves a strange taste in your mouth. But it is needed for the trees and if it didn’t bother us then we wouldn’t care, since it does I’m all for chewing a piece of gum.

  4. I have also heard that eating local honey can help with hay fever, as it contains minute amounts of the stuff that you’re allergic to, and helps you to fight it.

    I just don’t like honey…*shrug* But I will try the mint, and the saline spray, thanks!

    • Oh, I forgot about the honey! I’ve heard that one also, but I think that’s more of a long-term solution than a short-term, which is why I haven’t yet tried it, haha! I’m not a big fan of honey either.

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