Tarot Card Series: Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles, Robin Wood deck

Two of Pentacles, Rider-Waite deck

Element: Earth

Number Importance: Two is the number of duality, of both opposition and balance.  Similar to the Asian concept of yin and yang.

Important Aspects of the Card: Off-balance person, though it doesn’t matter whether the figure is male or female.  The pentacles identify the suite and the element.  Ships in the background have some minor significance.

Interpretation: The Two of Pentacles is a card of instability and balance.  The figure on the card is unsteady and juggling too much, which is reflective of the subject’s real-world situation.  With Earth being the element of the card, rather than Water, the potential unsteadiness in the subject’s life generally comes not from emotions but from finances, career, hobbies, family dynamics, etc.  Earth is the element/suite that governs stability, prosperity, and material gains, among other things.  This manifests in the card in the form of the unsteady figure balancing on one foot or a tight-rope while attempting to juggle two large objects and obviously having trouble.  The ships in the background of the card are sailing over rocky and turbulent waters, but they are in the background–the figure isn’t on one of those rocking, unstable ships just yet.

However, the figure hasn’t fallen over or dropped the pentacles–yet.  The Two of Pents is a signal card warning of possible instability but with the implication that stability needs to be found before the person falls or drops everything, and trying to take on more projects or situations at the time of this card is inadvisable.  Balance must be maintained, so if something new should come along (as in, some opportunity that can’t be missed), something old may have to be sacrificed in order to maintain that balance.

*Please remember, my interpretation may not be the same interpretation you or another person will have for this card every time in every reading.  Interpretations can vary according to what the card means to you.*

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