Tarot Card Series: Eight of Wands

Robin Wood deck

Robin Wood deck

Rider-Waite deck

Element: Fire

Number Importance: Repetition, determination, success after many obstacles, continuation, cycles, momentum.  Eight deals with business and wealth.

Important Aspects of the Card: Note that there are no human figures on this card.  Only the Aces (and in most cases the Wheel of Fortune too) lack people in their drawings.  Heavy emphasis then is put on the wands themselves.  Note also the color choices–they usually are connected to the element of the card: yellows and blue relate to fire.

Interpretation: This is a strange and difficult card that I think many new readers have trouble interpreting (I know I did, and still do at times).  The Wands suite is connected to the traits of ambition, initiative, spirit (as in “a spirited person”, not spirit as in the soul), and action.  This card is about swift action, as well as the obliteration of obstacles in your path to leave the way open for such swift action.  The Wands are flying through the air, with nothing to stop them or hinder them in any way.  In the same way, nothing is stopping this quick, decisive action, but with any fast action or choice, care must also be taken that the action is not thoughtless.  A hasty action can have harmful effects–the Wands of this card have nothing to stop them from hurtling into the earth and being shattered or broken.

Actions that may be included under the Eight of Wands are the swift beginning of a romance (don’t forget the association of fire with passion and sex), a quick business deal or forming of a new business partnership, and new methods of communication opened fast.

*Please remember, my interpretation may not be the same interpretation you or another person will have for this card every time in every reading.  Interpretations can vary according to what the card means to you.*

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One response to “Tarot Card Series: Eight of Wands

  1. I was starting to miss this series! Very well written!

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