Weekly Deity: Sors

Sors (on right)

Sors was a minor Roman god of luck.  Considering what he governs, it’s surprising that Sors isn’t mentioned more often.  Luck tends to be a favorite deity for many cultures, yet Sors seems to take a huge backseat to other luck gods.


In the only picture I could find of Sors (above), he is shown as a middle-aged man without a beard, and looks to possibly be well-to-do judging from his clothing.


I could find no information on any myths at all for Sors.  Strangely, he doesn’t appear in any myths.  If he had stories of his own or in which he appeared, they haven’t survived or were so minor that they were eaten by a more common myth with more important gods.

Light and Dark Sides

Unfortunately, as there are no myths about Sors to judge him by, his personality it something of an enigma.  However, based on what we know of other luck gods, we can probably assume that Sors is somewhat fickle, bestowing luck on people willy-nilly as the whim strikes him.  I doubt he would be considered a dangerous god, but perhaps he could be considered perilous to trust for too long a period of time–Sors could change his mind at any time and your luck will run out.

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3 responses to “Weekly Deity: Sors

  1. P.S. I just realized that it has been a year (less a day) since you made your post. You may be interested (if not already aware) that the 24th is Fors Fortuna’s day. On her feast day, lots (sors) were drawn in response to requests or questions of the Goddess. May She bless you richly! (Ave Fortuna!)

    • I didn’t know that! Thanks for the information. That can come in very handy this week…
      To reply to your previous post, “sors” literally means “lot, fate, oracular response,” so your definition was right on. And it certainly makes sense that Sors would take the backseat to Fortuna. It’s more likely that Sors was originally a local god from a specific part of Italy that got subsumed into the Roman Empire and Sors survived as a minor deity.

  2. Sors – as I am coming to understand him – was linked with Fortuna. The word ‘sors’ means ‘lot’ (as in the lottery) and is the source of our word ‘sort’ and especially ‘sortilege’ which has to do with the casting of lots in order to determine one’s fortune. My opinion is that he is ‘minor’ only because Fortuna is so major. Would love to compare and share our research.

    Fors (Fortuna’s ‘surname’)

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