Break in Posting

I’m preparing to move soon and that involves a great deal of packing and such.  And I have a lot of stuff to pack and go through.  There will be a post for the Weekly Deity on Wednesday, but there won’t be a good post today and there may not be one on Friday either, unless I find some time and brain power to write up something halfway decent.

Sorry everyone!  Can’t be helped!

Signature unavailable. Sita is working on it!


2 responses to “Break in Posting

  1. You could try building a queue of guest posts and just having wordpress automatically publish one whenever you don’t update. If you need a few possible writers, let me know.

    • That’s not bad. I did have a bunch of posts that I had written up and saved for a while, but I’ve used all of them already. Haven’t built that buffer of extra posts back up yet.

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