Weekly Deity: Viduus

Italian god who separated the soul from the body upon death.  He was a minor god who may have enjoyed more popularity before the gods of Jupiter and such became major gods.  Viduus (in Latin, pronounced roughly “wid-oo-oos”) was a native god and so was present in Italy before Jupiter and his siblings and was probably folded into another god and so was forgotten.  His name means “divider”.


I couldn’t find any pictures of Viduus to add here.


I couldn’t find any myths on Viduus.  Most likely his job was appropriated by another god and Viduus was forgotten over time.

Light and Dark Side

I’d say that he’s probably more of a Light deity even though he probably spent his time in the underworld and the darkness.  He took the soul out of the dead body that trapped it, which means he’s not only necessary, but he frees the souls.  Who would want to be trapped in their dead flesh for all eternity?  Viduus did people a favor by doing his job and freeing their souls to go on to wherever they go.  Although there are no myths about Viduus, based on the information we do have about him it’s probably a safe bet that he’s not a Dark god.

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