Monday’s Lack

Sorry all, but in the hullabaloo created by the storm and all the running around due to the loss of power (and thus the much-needed AC), I sort of lost track of things.  I completely forgot that Monday was Monday and needed a post.  Sorry!

On a side note, does anyone know why Asclepius is so popular lately?  I’ve been seeing a lot of hits on his Weekly Deity article.  Not that I’m complaining!  Just curious…

Signature unavailable. Sita is working on it!


4 responses to “Monday’s Lack

  1. Make money from doing nothing. If you’re getting enough hits, it’ll make you a few bucks here and there.

  2. Setup Google Analytics (it’s free), and it’ll tell you a lot more about visitors, such as where they are from, what pages they are going to, etc.

    Though I think the answer is in google,


    both have you listed first. Time to deploy some ads.

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