String Magic

While looking through a bunch of printouts from the Internet from a LONG time ago, I came across a few spells that used thread.  I’d never tried them before but I was intrigued.  I decided to try one.  Has anyone else used string as the staple ingredient in a spell?  This spell, simply entitled “Manifesting Knot”, seems to work along the same lines as the law of attraction; visualize what you wish manifest, tie a knot in the string, and keep the string somewhere safe until the want/need has manifested.  Sort of the law of attraction with a physical representation.  Anyway, the color of the string represents the need: red for romance/love/passion, green for money or wealth, blue for healing, yellow for happiness, all the usual color associations.

Well, I decided to try this spell.  I could see, after thinking about all the angles of the spell, nothing wrong in the principle of it.  The only problem I came across was what to do with the string once the need has manifested–do  untie the knot, or burn it, or just throw it away?  I decided burning would be best, since untying would be hard and throwing it out seemed like the wrong thing to do.  I tried the spell and visualized my need, asking for the solution to my need to manifest, but no word yet on the manifestation–but then there isn’t a time limit to this spell either.

Has anyone else heard of or used string magic?  I tried looking up more information but couldn’t find very much that seemed reliable.

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One response to “String Magic

  1. String magick, at least, what I’ve seen, is mostly tied to voodoo and hoodoo, and magicks descending from that general region and culture, however this type of magick is old, being recorded as an Egyptian practice and earlier.

    A few common examples are the “love knot spell”, the “13 knot spell” and the “5 knot spell”.

    String magick makes sense considering the inherit symbolism in string and thread, from clothes to binding.

    I however do not have any personal experience with it.

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