Picking A Coven–Part 2 of 2

*This is the second part of a two-part series*

Step 4

Talk to the contact person for the group, which I think is usually the High Priest or Priestess. They’ll know best, and can answer questions you may have and give you information on whether the coven is open for new members, or hosting classes, or if the coven is currently closed to new people.  If you feel good about the group, and think you can handle the responsibilities and tasks involved, go for it!

Some Advice:

As always, there can be negative aspects to joining groups.  You likely won’t mesh with everyone, but as long as you or they are not antagonistic, things should work out fine.  The most important thing to joining a coven is safety.  Do you feel safe with these people you want to join?  Do any little warning bells go off in your head at any point in your interactions with the contact person or the group itself?  If warnings bells ring in your head, it’s a good idea to not only figure out what is making you uncomfortable, decide if it’s potentially hazardous or dangerous, and if it is, get out of the group.

If you don’t feel good about a group when you talk to the contact person, or even after, if you should meet more members, then don’t join.  It’s pointless to join a group that involves group activities if you feel like you won’t mesh well.

No one particularly likes to discuss cults, especially as connected to paganism.  But cults exist, and ignoring the reality of dangerous people masquerading as legitimate, good covens would be ridiculously naive.  The top three signs of a cult: requiring sums of money, no access to friends/family, and eliciting sex.

  • If anyone asks you for money in order to join a coven, RUN.  I’m not talking about normal small dues for the group to buy candles or something–this is if they’re asking for lots of money, or ask for money over a long period of time that would add up to your entire bank account.  RUN.
  • If the group says you have to cut yourself off from family and/or friends, RUN.  This should be a no-brainer, but if they try to tell you that cutting yourself off from anyone not in the group in order to practice the craft, then they’re probably a cult and you should RUN.
  • (This is true for just about any group setting, but it also applies to covens.)  If in any way anyone in the group makes you uncomfortable, or tries to solicit sex or any other kind of intimate contact, especially if they say it’s a part of the group’s practices or teachings, and you don’t want it or don’t feel comfortable, then get out of that group!

Joining a coven can be a very meaningful experience, but there are groups and people out there that will prey upon others, and sad to say that they will set up “covens” or be part of a coven and will try to get your money, or your absolute devotion, or sex, all on varying degrees of extremity.  Caution is required, because generally once you’ve chosen a coven, you’re supposed to stick with it.  It all comes down to picking the right coven for you and keeping safety in mind during your search.  Don’t just choose the first coven you come across because you really want to be part of a group.  Take your time, do some research, and consider all options.  Good luck!

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