The Gods Laugh

So you may have noticed I haven’t posted recently.  Well, I had planned to do so on schedule, like normal.  Sadly, my plan did not include the hassel of moving, preparing for the start of school, some unexpected birthday weekend drama, and all the activities of my birthday–most of which had been planned out and then got changed at the last minute, to create all kinds of stress and drama for me.

My point is, the most well-laid plans tend to go awry very quickly.  Especially the long-term and most important plans.  And as the old saying goes, “When humans plan, the gods laugh.”  Some laugh cruelly, others kindly, still others with great gusto and humor–but they do laugh when their minor human charges attempt to impose their own plans and ideas on their lives.

What has this to do from paganism (aside from the fact that we are speaking of gods here, not God)?  Well, pagans make plans.  Pagans make lots of plans, just like anyone else.  We follow a calendar and plan our lives around it.  We plan when to celebrate the Sabbats, when to celebrate Esbats, when to do rituals or cast spells, and many other things.  Granted, the gods wouldn’t generally be able to change the dates of Sabbats or Esbats, but they could influence the events leading up to our celebrations of those events.

How do we deal with this?  But getting stressed, and then trying not to be stressed about it, and then going through the plans and the bumps in the plans until the event is over and we are finally able to lay back and reflect and realize that even if everything didn’t go according to plan…it still turned out okay.  We all kind of tend to focus on the bumps in the road when bumps arise in our plans, but once we get past those blocks, we tend to realize that perhaps they weren’t so scary or negative in the first place–we just made too big a deal out of it.  Or we made ourselves too busy to get any real rest, so when we do get rest, we realize that maybe we should try to not make ourselves so busy again.

Which is another kind of plan–at which the gods laugh most heartily.

At least we amuse someone!

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One response to “The Gods Laugh

  1. Glad to see you posting again! Good (and terribly true) post.

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