In the News: Witchcraft comments from past…

I was going to post an article today that would dazzle you all with my wit, intelligence, and eloquence.  Then I saw this gem on the Yahoo! news reel and had to post it instead!

‘Witchcraft comments from past haunt Christine O’Donnell’.  Now, I’m not very familiar with this person other than she’s from Delaware.  But that headline caught my eye.

My favorite part is when she says we’re ‘questionable people’ and relates her experiences back to ‘high school immaturity.’  Gee, that puts us in such a great light.  Thanks, Christine.  The pagan community officially places you under the label of “former pagan trying to save her ass with the conservatives”.  You’ve totally got our votes.


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One response to “In the News: Witchcraft comments from past…

  1. I personally liked her entire denunciation of masturbation and her own anti-semitism. Somehow, I think her history as a “witch” (please read: bunny) is the least of her problems. She isn’t doing the pagan community any favors, but somehow I seriously doubt anyone wants her on our side anyways.

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