Fluffy Bunnies

Ah, Fluffy Bunnies.  An irritation, a stage, a pain in the neck, and even sometimes funny as all hell or a danger to themselves–the varieties of Fluffy Bunny are as numerous as the stars in the sky.  I think many pagans think Fluffy Bunnies are irritating, for the most part, because of the naiveté associated with the Fluffy Bunny stage.

What are Fluffy Bunnies, you may ask?  A Fluffy Bunny is a person who is part of the pagan community (at least nominally), but who is superficial in their devotion to their pagan path.  These are the people who are pagan as part of a fad (though they don’t think of it that way) and who believe in only the goodness and Light parts of the world, de-emphasizing or denying altogether the natural Dark aspects simply because they are Dark.  Fluffy Bunnies frequently latch on to one website, author, or book and follow it to the letter–whatever it says–as if that were the Word.  Often their defense is “you’re persecuting me!”  or “Because [insert name of author/book/website here] says so!”

The term “Fluffy Bunny”, as you can see from above, is not kind or endearing.  It’s not meant to be.  It’s true that paganism tends to be what you make of it, and some aspects can be taken as seriously or as lightheartedly as you wish.  But others cannot, such as cursing others for petty revenge, which is something Fluffy Bunnies may at least consider doing, if not actually do on a regular basis.

However, Fluffy Bunnies aren’t all bad.  They can grow out of that stage.  All of us pagans have gone through a Fluffy Bunny stage, to some degree.  I know when I first started researching Wicca and forms of paganism I read lots of books and thought most of what I read was true and right.  I grew out of that (thank the gods!) and now think for myself and decide for myself what is right in my pagan path.  Fluffy Bunnies are not all bad–they can be cute, they can be funny, and to a certain degree they are a necessary evil in the majority of pagan paths.

They can, of course, have their downsides.  Which is funny, if you think about it, since the Fluffy Bunnies tend to emphasize Light and good, yet they themselves have a Darker side to them that they don’t realize/accept/acknowledge.  Some Fluffy Bunnies are a danger to themselves because of their naiveté, and they could become prey to scammers or cults.  Some Fluffy Bunnies believe in cursing others frequently, even if they have heard of or believe in the Threefold Rule–in which case they are not only a danger to themselves, but a hazard to others as well.

When you meet a Fluffy Bunny, try to keep an open mind.  It could be that they are simply new to their path and want to learn more, but are in their early pagan stages.  Talk to them, see if they are willing to expand their knowledge by either reading different (and probably better) authors or by talking to those more experienced in the path.  If they are willing to learn and broaden their horizons, encourage them to do so and, if you can, help them do so.  If they aren’t willing to learn or stick to their Fluffy Bunny defenses, well, let them sink or swim.  It is their choice, after all.

I do think it is important to keep in mind that all of us went through a Fluffy Bunny stage, and that not all Fluffy Bunnies are necessarily bad or an irritation.  It could be that those people are trying to learn and further their knowledge–but your irritation or derision of them is more of a hindrance to them than a satisfying emotion to you.

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4 responses to “Fluffy Bunnies

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  2. I seem to come across, at least personally, a few fluffy bunnies who sort of latch onto this emo-gothy fake “dark side” and ignore the light side of things all together. Either way, nice post!

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