Keeping Pagan Supplies Hidden

If you’re like me, then you’re still in the closet with most people.  Especially with the family.  But this creates a slight problem–how to keep your pagan supplies hidden?  Where can you keep your tarot cards, wand, books, etc. out of sight?  Here are some ideas:

  • Shoeboxes– Shoeboxes come in a variety of sizes.  They have a lid, which means you can completely cover what you put in them.  They can be decorated if you want to, or left blank.  And, most are small enough and innocuous enough that hiding them in your closet or under your bed isn’t an issue.  No one thinks twice about a shoebox under the bed–it probably has shoes in it!
  • Opaque tubs— These are easy to find in any Target or Walmart home storage section.  The larger sizes are perfect for holding books, and any smaller size could hold smaller supplies.  And they are relatively cheap, which means buying one or two or a bunch won’t break the bank.
  • Sewing box— I’m talking about the kind that folds out.  I just bought one and it’s perfect for holding my tarot decks, incense, some candles, and I have a bit of room left over for runes and anything else small.  It isn’t a solution for larger things like books or wands, but it is a great solution for the smaller things.  They’re all in one place, it’s easy to carry or transport, and it can be hidden in the closet or next to a bookcase, etc.  It’s probably more practical for girls, but I can’t think of any logical reason why a guy could buy one of these, especially if he’s just going to hide it in his closet or something.

I hope some of you find my ideas helpful!  And please comment if you have any suggestions to add!

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One response to “Keeping Pagan Supplies Hidden

  1. If you do need to hide things, air vents and ductwork works well – easily accessible yet very hidden.

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