The Death of a News Source

This makes me incredibly sad and very disappointed.  If anyone has checked out recently, you know that the news feed on the right side, which has been there for years, is gone.  It is no longer on the website.  Witchvox is still a good resource for information and opinion articles, but the news reel has been moved to…wait for it…Facebook.

Great.  Thanks Witchvox.  Those of us who are still in the closet, who relied on you for our pagan news, thank you deeply for this decision to move your news feed to Facebook.  (Note sarcasm)  Even if I don’t Like Witchvox on Facebook–which I won’t be doing, as that would raise some rather awkward questions among my family members–I still have to go find them there and get my news from a Facebook newsfeed?  That may be fine for social news from my friends, but for real news stories, that just strikes me as being so backwards it’s disturbing.

I apologize that today’s post is nothing more than a rant.  But this made me very upset (obviously).  Witchvox has been around long enough that I would have thought they would know better than to switch exclusively to Facebook for their news feed.  Have they never heard of cross-posting?

Guess I won’t be frequenting WitchVox anymore.  I suppose I’ll be heading over to, which is interesting, but no where near as good as the OLD WitchVox.

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One response to “The Death of a News Source

  1. This is what RSS is for. Add the facebook RSS feed for this group (Here, ) to your favorite RSS reader – your homepage, your email feeds, your phone, whatever. No need to login or anything, full content without touching facebook.

    I suspect they did this because facebook gives a lot more tools to deal with this sort of thing, I’m also sure it’s significantly cheaper and more accessible for them – witchvox isn’t a particularly rich company and it’s expensive to deal with dynamic web content (though I do understand your frustration to a degree.)

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