So a while back I had a reading with a psychic whom I trust and whom came highly recommended by others whom I trust.  She was very good, and gave me a good deal of good advice.  When I asked her about my health (because I don’t always have the greatest health record–three visits to the ER in one summer make me very cautious) she told me all was well but my guides said I wasn’t grounding enough.  My guides told her I need to ground every single damn day and I’d better start, because it would really help.

Having received this important information, and resolving while writing it down that I would do so, I finished the session with the psychic, hang up the phone…and promptly forgot.  Of course.

That was back in August.  This is November.  3 months later, and I finally start practicing the grounding exercise the psychic had given me as an example of how to ground.  She said I didn’t necessarily have to use that particular exercise, but if I needed one, then I could use it.

Now, you may ask, what is grounding?  Before I continue about my experience, I’ll give a short explanation.  Grounding is essentially a type of meditation exercise, one which involves visualization to achieve a result of better mental focus, a more refreshed body and mind, and increased alertness.  This kind of exercise shouldn’t make you feel dreamy, though a degree of relaxation is a good thing.  Grounding exercises generally have the point of becoming aware of every part of your body and especially where your body meets the ground.  I’ve seen other exercises where the visualization tells you to focus higher, up into the sky where you meet a white light.  But for me, that seems to be counter to the point of grounding.  Why would you go up into the sky when you’re supposed to be focusing on the ground below you?

For us humans, grounding is sort of like growing roots, like a tree’s.  When I finally grounded for the first time a few days ago, I knew that I should have listened to the advice I was given.  How stupid of me to ignore it, because (of course) my guides were right–grounding gave an immediate and lasting benefit.  I slept better (I did my exercise before bed) and I meditated better (I did my exercise before moving into meditation exercise).  My mind felt more focused, clearer, and more aware, and my body felt calm and warm and at peace.  I felt good, damn it, and I kicked myself for not trying this before.

Here is the visualization I used.  I actually added the part about the chakras–the original exercise I was given simply started with the focus at the brow, then the root chakra area, then the feet.  So if the chakras mess anyone up, leave them out and follow the original pattern I just described.  This may not work for everyone, but if it seems like it would help, give it a try:

Sit on a comfortable chair, couch, or the edge of the bed.  Feet must touch the floor fully, not just the toes.  Close your eyes and breathe slowly and evenly.  Do that for a few moments before you start the exercise.

Move all your focus to the top of your head.  Keep it there, simply focusing on that area, feeling the rhythm of that part of your body, for roughly three-four breaths.  When you feel ready, move lower to the brow chakra.  Focus all energy and attention there, again for three to four breaths.  Feel how that part of your body feels.  Then move to the throat, the heart (middle of the breastbone, actually, but the heart chakra), the stomach, the solar plexus (roughly around the intestines) and the root chakras (genitalia area).

After focusing on each of these areas and the rhythms of the body there, move your focus all the way down to the feet, which are flat on the floor.  Feel the connection between your body and the floor, feel how your body is touching the ground.  After a few breaths, move all your focus and attention further, into the ground itself.

The top layers feel somewhat chill, now that it’s winter.  But with each exhalation you move deeper through the layers of the earth.  It gets warmer and warmer, and the earth Herself protects you from the crush of the rocks and the heat as you move closer to the core.  With one last exhalation, you enter the core.  It’s hot, it’s bright and fiery, it’s oppressive, but the earth protects you from harm.  All you feel is a pleasant warmth as if from a hearth fire.  The fire of the core doesn’t burn or melt you, it only makes you warm.

You can stay here for a few moments.  Relish the warmth, the light.  Feel the rhythm of the earth, feel how the core is ancient and eternal.  Feel how the earth Herself is eternal, feel how ancient she is in her journey through the universe.

When you feel ready, prepare yourself to leave the warmth of the core.  You feel calm, you feel relaxed, you feel focused and energized.  With the next inhale, you come out of the core.  With each inhalation, you come further up from the depths of the earth, feeling warm still but not as warm as you felt in the core.  You feel focused and relaxed.  A last inhalation brings you back to your feet.  Now you focus all your attention on your feet and how they feel, how the blood flows, how the body touches the earth.  Stay there for three to four breaths, then move up to the root chakra.  Move up the chakra chain, every three to four breaths moving to the next chakra.  As you move higher you feel more and more like yourself, but keeping the feeling of focus and well-being, of being connected to the earth and stability.  When you reach the crown chakra, breathe for three breaths and then open your eyes.  You should now be grounded.  How do you feel?

Now, you can’t half-ass this exercise.  You have to really try.  Half-assing the exercise gets half-assed results.  What you put into it is what you get out of it.

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