ECLIPSE! (And I don’t mean ‘Twilight’)

Hello all.  So sorry I’ve been lazy in my posting lately.  Term papers, finals, and a job interview have sort of taken up the majority of my focus until today.  But you know what’s exciting?

There’s a lunar eclipse next Tuesday, on the winter solstice, and we (meaning the East Coast) will be able to see it.

Does everyone know why that is so exciting?  Aside from the fact that a lunar eclipse comes around only about every 12 years or so, our area will be able to see it for once.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear about an eclipse only to find out that my area won’t be able to watch it because it’s on the other side of the world.  That is incredibly frustrating.

But more than that, the eclipse takes place on one of the major pagan holidays, the winter solstice.  The longest night of the year, the time after which the sun is reborn and the days become longer (hallelujah).  And I thought just the fact that it would be a full moon on the solstice was exciting enough–then I found out about the eclipse, which just triples the awesome factor.

Total eclipse is set to begin at 07:40 GMT, or 02:40 EST.  The time of greatest eclipse is 08:17 GMT, which means 03:17 EST.

For NASA’s detailed explanation, click here.

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2 responses to “ECLIPSE! (And I don’t mean ‘Twilight’)

  1. You are such an adorable dork! I have a question about the times, though. They always throw me, probably because I’m always to lazy to actually look it up. So, you said the best time was 3:17 EST. I am assuming this is 3:17 in the morning of the 21st, right? Is the longest night the one before the 21st (20 into 21) or the one of the 21st (21 to 22)? As you can tell, I get the concepts but the actual application always seems to baffle me for some reason.

    • =P
      Yes, the times are AM, not PM. And yes, the times are for the morning of the 21st, so start watching on Monday night. I’m never sure of when exactly the winter solstice falls, I usually celebrate it on the 21st, but I tried to look it up. But I believe the solstice is technically around 6:30pm on the night of the 21st this year.

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