New Features!

New features are coming to A Witchy Life!  I’ve changed the background and the look of the site.  I hope everyone likes it, because I love it and it’s staying this way.  Though I may disable the snow…but it disappears on the 4th anyway, so maybe I won’t.

In the new year I’ll also be bringing something else to the blog: pagan book reviews.  I’m going to read books about paganism, metaphysical topics, new age interests, etc. and post reviews about the books.  There’s a page already made for the purpose, so stay tuned for updates!

Signature unavailable. Sita is working on it!


4 responses to “New Features!

  1. If you want to borrow books let me know and I’ll tell you what I have.

  2. I like the new theme, but your right hand column goes down twice the length of your content, lol.

    • I think that’s for two reason–1) I have so many posts shown by default on the front page, and 2) the right column is the same length as the main column and it just means I have to add more content to the right column! lol

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