Low Energy

After the hectic holiday weekend I’ve had, my energy is so low that I woke up at 9:30am and went back to sleep.  I didn’t wake up again until 1pm today, that is how badly I needed to recharge my body’s batteries.

Everyone knows what this feels like.  At some point you pull an all-nighter, or have a crazy weekend with too many people and to little sleep, or you spend time with someone who is an energy drainer and find that you have trouble keeping awake afterward.  Or sometimes you work too hard during the work week and end up crashing over the weekend.  It happens, and it’s fairly natural.

But what do you do about it?  The simple solution is to not repeat the actions that triggered the low energy in the first place, but sometimes that’s not possible.  Believe me, there are certain people I would rather avoid because they drain my energy clean out of me.  Sadly, they’re family and I can’t avoid them all year. Thus, my holiday weekend that drained me completely.  Or sometimes you really can’t help that crazy weekend during which you end up spending way too much time driving around the state of Maryland at the behest of relatives in the spirit of the holidays.  Again, somewhat unavoidable.

Some solutions:

  1. Get more sleep.  If possible, go to bed early and wake up a little later than usual to recoup some of that energy.  Or if you have a free day in your week, make it a lazy day and just rest.  This is the easiest and most natural way to take care of an energy drain.
  2. Caffeine.  I don’t recommend this method, but you might not have a lazy day immediately after that crazy weekend.Drink soda, coffee, or something else with caffeine.  However, if you have enough caffeine, you will crash after a few hours.  And I DO NOT recommend using those 5-hour energy things or energy drinks, because those will only make your energy drain worse when the effects wear off.
  3. Grounding and meditation.  Also not the best method–sleep trumps all of these other solutions-but grounding can help to wake you up for a little bit and give your energy a bit of a boost.  This is because you now have a connection to something greater than you and your body/energy has a base to work from.

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