Winter Depression

It’s far too cold outside.  And I don’t even live that far north.  I just really hate the cold, and being cold, and freezing.  I know I haven’t updated on here very much lately–pretty much since the holidays.  I think it’s because I’ve got both cabin fever, and winter depression.  Not a great mix.

Because of those two things, my inspiration and imagination have hit a low point.  I have no idea what to write about next, nor do I even know what would be interesting to write about.  Sorry about that everyone.  If only winter would not affect me like this.  Winter depression (aka seasonal affective disorder) is relatively common, though I think most people don’t realize that they have it.  Symptoms range from mild to severe, like anything else.

Anyway, if anyone has some suggestions of what they would like to see covered on the blog, let me know.  I could use some ideas.  I’m currently reading the book I’m going to use as my first Pagan Book Review, so that’s going to be posted as soon as I finish it (I just started, so it’ll be at least another few days).

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One response to “Winter Depression

  1. Candle Magick, some useful herbs for magickal use, you could do guest articles, maybe a spotlight on various practices? ie, Wicca, Alchemy, Asatru, etc, or even different forms of Wicca?

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