Witchy Names for Cats

My kitty

Many pagans are pet lovers.  It’s hard not to be when you revere and respect the natural world.  Plus, [most] pets are just so cute!  So now you have a cat, and you want to give him/her a witchy name.  What do you choose?

By Color

A lot of people choose names based on the color of the cat’s fur.

  • Black: Ebony, Onyx, Dusk(y), Batty, Batboy, Batgirl, Darth Vader, Black Magic, Eclipse, Phantom, Midnight, New Moon, Blackberry, Char, Charcoal, Pitch, Pitch Black, Ink(y), Jet, Jet Black, Raven, Shadow, Night, Nightflight, Nightmare
  • White: Snowball, Snow(y), Spook(y), Snowflake, Moon, Full Moon, Cloud, Bright Moon, Star, Ghost
  • Brown: Coffee Bean, Java Bean, Chocolate, Herb
  • Orange: Sunny, Ginger, Rootbeer, Dawn, Sunset
  • Gray: Cinders, Ash, Ashes, Smoke, Smokey, Shadow, Raincloud/Rain Cloud
  • Tabby or other mixed colors: Pepper, Eclipse (works for all black or black and white mix)

By Personality

You could also wait to name your cat until you see what kind of personality the cat has.  If they’re playful and seem like miniature pranksters, some names could be: Tricks, Bag of Tricks, Spell, Hocus Pocus, Jinx/Jynx, Abracadabra, Hex, Magpie, or Lucyfur.  If your cat is sweet and cuddly, try: Good Luck, Good Luck Charm, Charm, or Magic.  Solemn and quiet cats could have the names Merlin, Omen, Enigma, Salem, or Occult.  And finally, if your cat is a little terror to just about everyone, try using the names: Wicked, Omen, Hex, or Imp.

By Deity

I don’t recommend giving your cat the name of any deity, benevolent or otherwise.  This is because by giving your pet the name of a god, you are calling in the energy of that particular god.  That’s not necessarily a good thing.  For example, if you name your cat Hecate (I know someone who has done this), that name involves some very complicated energies that you don’t necessarily want playing out in your everyday life.  There is also the complication of whether that deity even likes cats or not and whether you are on good terms with that deity or not.  Why invite those complications when you don’t have to?

By Natural Phenomena

Sometimes it’s nice to just choose a natural name that seems to be fitting.  This can be anything from the natural world, from herbs and plants, to astronomical phenomena or weather.

  • Thunder, Lightning, Storm, Stormy
  • Rain, Water, Sea, Ocean, Tides, Tide, Shore, Coast
  • Sun, Sunny, Sunshine
  • Cloud, Cloudburst, Cloudy, Overcast, Fluffy Cloud
  • Tornado, Twister, Winds, Wind, Windy, Whirl
  • Moon, New Moon, Full Moon, Stars, Star, Comet
  • Herbs: Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Mint, etc.
  • Astronomy: Names of Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, etc), Names of Moons (Io, Titan, Ganymede, etc)
  • Astrology: Names of constellations (Orion, Andromeda, Aquarius, Virgo, etc)

Generic Pagan Words as Names

You could also simply choose a random “pagany” word to use as a name: Amulet, Blessed Be, Candle, Glenda, Cauldron, Grimoire, Spell, Pentagram, Sorcery, Wicca, Magic, Magical, Thirteen, Evocation, Halloween, Samhain, Talisman, Incantation, Tarot, Enchanted, Imbolc, Yule, Potion, Poppet, Pentacle, Raven, Sabbat, Crucible, and Crystal.

Have fun naming your little feline friends!  I hope this list helps!  Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

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One response to “Witchy Names for Cats

  1. Some more good ones are balthazar, mystra, cadence, and zehstri

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