Herb Spotlight: Peppermint

By Guest Contributor: Tori

Ohio Honey Company

Herb Description
Peppermint is a type of mint that is often used to flavor things.  It also has a lot of positive medical uses to go along with the magical ones.  For medicinal purposes, peppermint tea is very easy to find in your grocery store.  For magical purposes it depends on your supplier.  You can always substitute other types of mint, but make sure you look substitutes up to be sure that the associations you want are still viable.  Many grocery stores will sell fresh mint in the vegetable section (fresh herbs are always preferable to dried ones, but for the more exotic plants dried is probably the only way you can get it), though the specific type may vary.  Sometimes stores even sell live mint plants, which are great to have around.

Herbal ReleafMagical Uses
Peppermint is one of those herbs that have a lot of associations. In herbal magic, peppermint is used for money, protection, purification, healing and love/lust.  Frankly, I am not surprised at peppermint’s diversity, since it is a relatively easy herb to obtain and generally considered pleasant.  A lot of herbs have a smell that is not always appreciated, but peppermint, and the mints in general, are pretty much always enjoyed (if you don’t like mint I’d be interested in hearing the reasons).  It is just a fresh and pleasant smell.

One thing to keep in mind when using mint is that it can have a strong smell.  Be careful with how much you add.  Start with a small amount and add more to get the ratios with the other herbs right.  Also, since mint flavors are so common it is best to make sure that the associations you, or whoever you are making the sachet/oil/pouch/etc. for, have mint fit in with your methods.  If you are trying to make a spell to attract a casual lover you probably do not want to use mint if its strongest associations are with your grandmother.  That will kill just about anybody’s buzz.  In the cases when you’re making something for another person, it would be best to keep the mint for healing and protection spells.

Medicinal Uses
As well as being versatile for magical uses, peppermint is good for a lot of medicinal ones as well.  This seems to be because its general affect is calming, along with a bit of numbing.  A tea is the most common way to apply it, but occasionally an oil or just a leaf are used.  A note about the oil: it can cause a rash, especially in children, so do not use on children at all and only a small amount, preferably diluted as most oils should be used, on yourself.  With essential oils ALWAYS look up if they are safe for skin contact, since some really are not (note cinnamon oil here).

Peppermint is helpful with hoarse throat, indigestion, gas, motion sickness, moodiness (although in my opinion any tea is good for moodiness because tea is just good like that), various PMS symptoms (remember relaxing), and is even said to increase a mother’s milk.  Keep in mind though that peppermint, like many things that have a noticeable effect on you, can interfere with medications.  So, if you are taking medications make sure to get a list of things that interact poorly with it before taking anything that has an effect on you.  I have also read that if you rub a peppermint leaf, so that the juices touch your skin, on your skin it has a numbing effect.  I wouldn’t do this on or near any open wounds, though.  I am just reluctant to put anything other than some rubbing alcohol and a band-aid near those.

Sample Recipe
Here’s a sample recipe for a money oil using mint.  Now, it is important to note that I make my recipes up myself with the occasional assistance from books.  I strongly believe that magic has to do with how the herb’s energies work with you and part of that is certainly the associations you make with the herb, not just what the books say are true.   I will probably get into that sort of thing in some other post (assuming Sita approves).

Tori’s Minty Money Oil:

  • 2 drops of mint oil – I add this because it has a clean feeling to me, so it will be a more pleasant acquisition of money.  This will help it be more from a study you participate in or new clients, as opposed to an inheritance.  Mint is also a fire herb, and I think creativity and passion and all that good fire stuff is especially good for any new ventures.
  • 1 drop of patchouli – This is an earth herb and a strong earth association is necessary in a money recipe.  Patchouli is related to prosperity and its scent should mix well with the mint.
  • 1 drop of orange oil – Orange is good for luck and luck is always useful.

University of Maryland Medical Center
Healing Remedies by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham


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  5. Gosh darn it. I meant to reblog it to my other blog. -.- And now I cannot!

  6. I just discovered this blog!

    One thing that fascinates me about peppermint is that its aroma has different effects on the mind and body from the effects obtained by drinking it in tea. The aroma promotes alertness, but when you actually drink it, it has more of a calming effect.

    Did you know that peppermint (along with spearmint and a Japanese species of mint) has the ability to kill MSRA, that notorious bacterial strain that is resistant to most known antibiotics? I uncovered that while researching a page that I maintain on mint tea. I have yet to do more exhaustive research on the mints though, I’ve dedicated most of my effort to other herbs, but perhaps I should put more energy into the mints!

    • I had read that it affected some types of bacteria, but I didn’t know it was that impressive!
      I did not really think about the difference between ingestion and scent. That’s something I’m going to have to keep in mind for my research. I bet there are a few herbs with varying effects.

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