Review: ‘Psychic Tarot’ by Nancy Antenucci with Melanie Howard

Psychic Tarot, by Nancy Antenucci with Melanie Howard
published 2011 by Llewellyn Publishing ISBN 9780738719757
203 pages
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Rating: 5 out of 5

About the Book: ‘Psychic Tarot’ is essentially exactly what it appears to be– a book about reading tarot cards in combination with a psychic sense.  Antenucci and Howard offer guidelines and anecdotes in a guidebook suitable for both new and more experienced readers.  Most chapters include exercises designed not only to be helpful in guiding the reader to a deeper understanding of the cards and developing the psychic sense, but also to be fun and engaging.  The authors take the reader step-by-step through the principles of a tarot reading and offer guidance for different tarot spreads and combining various levels of psychic awareness with a tarot reading.

My Thoughts: From the beginning of the book I have to say I was hooked.  Most of the books I have seen on tarot offer the same fare: explanations of the cards, what they mean, and one or two spreads to use.  But this book goes much further, offering common sense advice from an experienced reader to new and seasoned readers alike.  I would recommend this book to any tarot reader, but especially those who are beginning their study.  This book does one very important thing that many other books do not–discuss honestly the responsibility of a tarot reader.  Too many beginners, and possibly even some experienced readers, do not realize or pause to think about the responsibilities inherent in a tarot reading.  Antenucci and Howard point out the various pitfalls and roadblocks to reading, and explain how reading for different people engenders different responsibilities, such as confidentiality.

From the start the authors take the reader through the considerations of tarot and psychic talents–what these words mean, what psychics and tarot readers are not, what psychic sense means in terms of tarot reading, etc.  It is very good that Antenucci and Howard address the negative conceptions surrounding these ideas at the beginning, so that readers of the book have a clearer understanding before they proceed.

‘Psychic Tarot’ goes further than tarot.  It also speaks at length about different ways of seeing and using natural psychic abilities.  The authors talk about energy a little bit, what energy is and how we see or use energy without meaning to, how we can practice honing these skills, etc.  The exercises included in most of the chapters are designed to be fun as well as effective.  In the last half of the book there is a detailed guide to what Antenucci and Howard call the Six Principles.  The authors describe what these principles are and essentially guide the reader through the practice of combining the psychic ability with a tarot reading.  These principles apply well to both tarot in general and psychic abilities–even if the reader decides to not exercise much psychic talent during a reading (which is perfectly acceptable), the Principles are still absolutely valid.  This, I think, is part of what makes this book so appealing–it offers guidance to developing psychic gifts, but also common sense advice and guidance on reading tarot cards even without overtly practicing psychic abilities.

I will definitely be coming back to this book again and again, not only to gain further insight into the ideas presented but also to do all of the suggested exercises and activities that I couldn’t do in the first or even the second read!  Having done a few already, I can see how helpful they will be in learning tarot and practicing psychic abilities.  I’m only a novice tarot reader myself, and only know a few tarot spreads and am still learning what the cards mean to me.  Thus I was very excited when I saw that Antenucci and Howard included some new tarot spreads that I have never seen before (as well as two version of the Celtic Cross spread that I have definitely never seen but which look interesting).  They also have a short blurb about how to create your own tarot spreads, which was a concept that has always eluded my understanding but which I think I grasp a little more clearly now.

I highly recommend this book to any tarot reader of any skill level for its clear and easily understood language, easy-to-read format, fun and effective exercises, and practical advice.


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  1. Thanks-a-ton for your comment. It was in-depth and very useful………

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