Herb Spotlight: Rose

Guest post by Tori

Medical Uses:
Rose hips are commonly used as a supplement.  They contain vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, K, calcium, citric acid, iron, niacin, phosphorous and tannin.  The calcium is not a lot though, so you cannot replace a good glass of milk with it, but at least you do not have to worry about getting too much.  Rose hips are also taken to help with infections, cold and flu, uterine cramps, heavy menstrual flow and some breast disorders.  It is a dieuretic, helps with nervousness, and can help with some stomach troubles.  The most common way to take rose hips is either as a capsule or a tea.  There are some possible side effects from rose hips, but very few people suffer from them.  These can include headache, heartburn, insomnia and nausea.  Not so bad, in my opinion, if you can get some cramp relief while enjoying a nice tea!

Magickal Uses:
Like many others rose seems to be a very diverse herb.  However, when you consider that it is a water element, its different uses are not surprising. According to Cunningham’s encyclopedia, rose is good for love (no surprise), fast luck, psychic powers, divination, healing and protection.  The way I like to use herbs that have a lot of different uses like rose is to find the most powerful (usually the most common) use and use that as the base for the others.  In the case of rose, that use would be love.  So I would use rose to amp up any protection, healing spells, or divination that I do for loved ones, especially divination to find love.  Rosewater is a common addition to spells. If you are into color magic roses are a good place to use it.  Since roses come in a variety of shades you can buy the one that works with your spell and use those.  Use a dark red rose for a lust spell instead of a yellow one, which you may use for more a light hearted romantic fling.

Love Sachet
This is to find love or bring it to you.  It is NOT to make someone fall in love with you.  Also, the aspects of it are what I wanted to find.  So if you want something that is more passion or more wild or whatever you should tweak the recipe to emphasize the herbs with the aspects you want.

  • 1 part Lavendar – peace, dream like situation
  • 3 parts Rose – romance, joy, happiness, healthy relationship
  • 1 part Galangal Root – aphrodisiac (you know why)
  • 1 part Red Sandalwood – sexual and spiritual

Use pink felt and add a garnet for an extra boost.


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