Weekly Deity: Eurus

Eurus was one of the Anemoi, the four Greek gods of wind. He was the east wind and, unlike his brothers, was not associated with a particular season.


Like his brothers, Eurus was sometimes shown as a winged man. At other times the winds were shown as winds and not as men. His attribute was that of a vase he held, which spilled water.


The east wind was thought to be unlucky, so Eurus was considered an unlucky god because his winds tended to bring blustery wind and storms.  However, he was also thought to be the bringer of warmth and rain.  Because of the sun’s rising in the east, Eurus was also associated in a small way with Helios and the sun.

Not much else is known about this deity.  He appears in a number of ancient texts, but does not appear to have any myths of his own.

Light and Dark Sides

Because very little is known about Eurus, I can’t pin down a Light or Dark side for him.  Without some indicator of his personality, I can’t say whether his unluckiness is due only to the weather patterns or due to his actions in myths.  Since he brings rain, which tends to be a good thing, I tentatively put Eurus just inside the Light side of the spectrum.


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