News: “China Bans Reincarnation…”

Stumbled across this article while browsing the WitchVox Facebook page.  Apparently China is banning reincarnation without “government approval”.


I read that and couldn’t believe what passed before my eyes.   Banning reincarnation??  How is that even possible?  How is it possible a government could prevent something like that?  The only thing I could think of is that they’ll outlaw anyone who claims to be a reincarnated soul…which, as the article points out, makes this more difficult for the Dalai Lama, but since he’s already banned anyway, how does this really make much difference?  I admit I don’t understand all of the politics that goes on in the region, nor do I have a full grasp on the history of the China-Tibet struggle.  But they’re monks!  To my mind, they’re harmless.  I suppose China must see them as a threat of some kind if they’re taking such measures to try to regulate and control a divine system that cannot be humanly controlled.


A more in-depth article that explains the political and religious repercussions of this measure can be found here: Article 2.


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