Question of the Week: Odin v. Zeus

Odin has ravens and wolves, Sleipnir the horse, and technically only one eye.  He also has a spear that never misses and can command magic.

Zeus has the lightning and the storm.  He has the Aegis (shield) before he gives it to Athena and he can call upon the Gigantes (Giants), Hecatonchires (Hundred-Handed) and Cyclopes (One-Eyed) to help him in a fight.  Zeus can also transform other beings into animals or things when they offend him, or just throw some lightning around to fry the offenders.

Both gods can transform into various animal shapes.

If the two were in combat against each other (for whatever reason–if it helps your answer, you can make up a scenario), then who would win, Odin or Zeus?

Write your answer in the comments section below!


3 responses to “Question of the Week: Odin v. Zeus

  1. Actually I don’t think they’d ever come to blows. If they did, I think they would be fairly well matched. While Zeus was well known for his lightning, he was also known for his ability to handle arms (shield, sword, etc.). There were was more than one reason why he is the head of the Greek Pantheon. Zeus could also be devious.
    Interestingly enough, there is a story in “From Cave to Sky” that has Odin and Zeus as traveling companions. Now THAT I could totally see.

  2. That’s a tough call, mostly because hold pretty much the same position in their pantheons. So, to me, that pretty much means that they have the same level of power.

    • Personally, I think Odin would win. And as a Classicist, that makes me sad. But Odin has better weapons. He would probably cause more damage and wear Zeus down. Zeus doesn’t really have weapons other than the lightning, but Odin could maybe cast some magic that would negate or downplay Zeus’ ability.

      Next time I’ll pick gods that don’t have such similar positions in their pantheons =)

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