Herb Spotlight: Sage

Guest post by Tori

Sage leaves

Medicinal Uses:
I was surprised at how many medicinal uses sage has.  It is good for pain relief, insulin activity (in type 2 diabetics not dependant on insulin), sweating, relaxing and memory boosts.  As always, check with your doctor if you have any serious conditions and don’t rely on treating yourself.

For all of these you make sage tea (take some sage, usually around 2 tbs or 2 tea bags, boil some water and steep for 10 minutes).  For the night sweats,  let the tea cool before you drink it or it might cause sweats.  Also, take it for a few nights in a row then slowly start decreasing the regularity so you know when you can stop drinking.  In a tea for memory boosts, add 4 cloves to the sage before you make the tea.

For a sore throat and tonsilitis you want to gargle the sage tea.  You can also add some garlic to the tonsilitis tea for an anit-bacterial assist.

Beauty Uses:
Sage tea can also be used to darken hair, including grey hairs.  Prepare sage tea, 4 tbs of sage, and let steep for 2 hours before you strain it.  Massage the tea into your hair every day until it is as dark as you want.  For a bit of extra oomph you can add 2 cups of rum and 2 tbs of glycerin (available at a pharmacy).  If you are opposed to alcohol, you can add 2 tbs of black tea to the sage you steep.

Magickal Uses:
Sage is the classic cleansing herb.  Many, if not most, think about someone with a smudge stick of sage walking an area to cleanse it when we think of cleansing.  This means it can be used in all sorts of spells you want to have a cleansing aspect.  It’s a good herb if you want to get rid of bad habits, a bad job, or anything that makes you feel negatively.

As an extention of its use against negative energy it is good for protection.  If any negative energy is sent your way and you have a pouch of sage, at least some of it will be absorbed.  I love this aspect of sage, but I like to combine it with an herb that’s good for awareness.  I like knowing when something is coming for me, since herbs can only do so much.

Sage is also good to promote health and attract money, but again I see this as an extension of its impact on negative energy.  It prevents money from being kept from you or taken from you and it keeps you healthy by freeing you of negative influences.

Cleansing Incense

  • 2 parts Sage
  • 1 part Frankincense
  • 1 part Myrrh

Sources: Healing Rememdies, http://www.joellessacredgrove.com/Herbs/s-herbs.html


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