Weekly Deity: Malsumis

Although there is very little information to be found about this god, I thought he sounded very interesting.  There aren’t many gods that are considered purely evil, but he appears to be one of them.

Malsumis is a god of the Abenaki tribe, who are of the Algonquin people from northeastern North America.  He’s the god of evil.  Seriously–that’s basically his only title: god of evil.


None known.  Godchecker.com says that Malsumis is “rather wolfish”, and this could be a reference to what this god looks like, but it’s not very clear.


Malsumis is considered the son of Tabaldak, in a fashion.  Tabaldak is the creator god.  Malsumis is also the twin brother of Gluskab (aka Glooskap), the god of good.  According to the legend, Gluskab was born from the dust of the world that fell from Tabaldak’s hands after he created the world.  Since Gluskab and Malsumis are considered twins, it’s possible that he was created from the dust also, but it’s not stated explicitly how he was born.

While his brother Gluskab uses his power to create, Malsumis uses his power to do evil, and he uses a lot of tricks and cruel acts to accomplish this.  It appears that he could do good, if he so chooses, but he prefers to stick to the dark side of things.  Because of Malsumis, plants have thorns, and some insects have stings–these are examples of the trickery and cruelty of Malsumis.

Eventually, Malsumis is going to be the end of man, for he plots the end of man to this very day, and he is in constant opposition to his brother Gluskab, because his brother protects man.

Light and Dark Sides

Malsumis is responsible for all the negativity of the world.  While it looks like he could do good, he makes a conscious choice to turn away from the Light and do evil.  Although there are no myths available to me to verify this, it does appear that Malsumis is an entirely Dark god.


One response to “Weekly Deity: Malsumis

  1. Kelsey Thatcher

    Malsumis or Malsum is a wolf deity

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