Question of the Week: Poseidon v. Hera

Ok, since people liked my last QotW which featured a deity battle between Odin and Zeus, here’s a new one!

Poseidon, god of the seas, has a good bit at his command.  He has a bit of a temper as well, and kept Odysseus from reaching his home for years because Odysseus blinded Poseidon’s son.  The god can call up huge storms with whirlpools, floods, etc.  He also has a chariot, since horses came from him, so he isn’t limited to just the sea.

Hera, Queen of the gods, tends to be a bit jealous and narrow-minded (in my opinion).  She doesn’t necessarily have powers the way Poseidon does…but her fury is not to be ignored.  She’s crafty and creative, has some minor transformative  powers, will stoop to kidnapping, blinding, and curses, and has at her disposal the loyalty of some of the other gods.  Hera is persistent–she dogged Herakles’ life and made him endure a great deal of torment for simply being born.  She could also potentially call upon her son Hephaestus to fight with her, but he’s not terribly fond of his mother, so his aid isn’t to be counted on.

If Hera and Poseidon were to be locked in battle, who would win?

Post your answer in the comments below!


3 responses to “Question of the Week: Poseidon v. Hera

  1. hera will fuck poseidon

  2. In a physical battle with there powers I would say that Poseidon would win. But I agree with Tori that Hera will come prepared for battle and start fighting well before the actually “fight” begins. Using her womanly wilies a.k.a. cheating, she would win.

  3. My bet is on Hera. She is a crazy woman and I think she’d be quicker to cheat than Poseidon. Poseidon may have all the oceans on the world to call on, but Hera wouldn’t give him the chance before she did something underhanded and fueled by jealous rage.

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