My New Job is to Blame!

Hey all!  I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything this week.  The lack of posts truly makes my heart heavy.  I feel as if I’ve let you all down by not holding up my end.  I just started a new job (that I LOVE!) on Monday, and the sudden change from being a lazy unemployed person who sleeps in late to a person who has to be up at 7:00AM five days out of seven has taken a severe toll on my energy reserves.  I get home at night and just fall into bed–I rarely get on the computer because I simply don’t have the energy!  I will try to do better this week–I think I’ve adjusted now to the severe change in schedule  =)


2 responses to “My New Job is to Blame!

  1. Damn you and your good fortune for making us suffer with a lack of posts! I’m glad you are enjoying your job. At least last I heard. And at least you have an excuse for your lack of posts! I’m still unemployed and don’t get around to it.

    • Thanks! I do really like my job, I’m really hoping that it doesn’t have to end at the end of the month. I need lots of good energy going toward that goal! Plus, there’s an editor there that is kinda cute…
      I know you’ll find a job soon! =)

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