Question of the Week: Display of Pentacles

This is an issue that’s come up in some of my previous posts and in recent discussions I’ve had with others.  At work, often people feel the need to not wear their pentacle openly, for a variety of reasons, ranging from personal to political.  My question this week is:

Do you wear your pentacle at work?  Why?  Why not?
(why/why not is optional)

Post your answer in the comments below!

Remember, no flaming or disrespecting other peoples’ opinions or beliefs.  Friendly debate is encouraged, but blatant disrespect is not.  Those who do will be banned.


One response to “Question of the Week: Display of Pentacles

  1. As long as there is not a rule against jewelry, I wear mine. I don’t feel it is any different than a Christian wearing a cross. It is a pleasant and attractive symbol of my religion that comforts me. And it is a pretty piece of jewelry without anything offensive. And if someone finds it offensive than that is their problem, since there are not rude gestures or words or anything on it. I don’t wear it every day, but that is just because I treat my pentacle mostly like any other necklace.

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