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I would really love to change the name of the blog.  When I first created the blog almost two years ago, I had no idea what to call it.  I spent probably the whole of a day trying to come up with something I would like, but it seemed most of my choices were taken or too similar to other blogs/sites.  So I settled for ‘A Witchy Life’, or AWL.  Now the blog has grown rather large (or what I think of as large) and–of course–I have come to hate the name.  It annoys me recently, and for whatever reason I seem to have the thought that it sounds juvenile.

I’d love to change it, but by changing it, I would probably loose my readership, and I would essentially have to start all over.

Have any other bloggers out there encountered this problem?  Do any of my lovely readers have advice for me?


6 responses to “Blog Name

  1. I agree that you shouldn’t change it, but if you do decide to change it completely, I think that if you warn your readers ahead of time what the new name will be then you’re readers will follow you. We like the blog for the substance, not for its name.

  2. I love your name, but what instead of changing your name, you marry it another name, such as “Things over the Hedge or whatever you want – A Witchy Life ” or ” A Witchy Life – Things over the Hedge or whatever you want.” That way the name is changed to reflect who you are now and who you were then. 😀

  3. Derrick Hinkle

    Don’t change the name. It’s a good name.

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