Herb Spotlight: Olive (Oil)

Guest post by Tori

Olives. Image from Wikipedia.

This is not technically an herb, I suppose, but since I’m the kitchen witch type I like to use food in my magic and put magic in my food.  Olive oil is one of the ingredients I use most often.  It is an excellent base for sauces and perfect for cooking up some veggies.  We all have easy access to olive oil and olives, which makes this great for magic and health.

Medicinal Uses
Olive oil contains the “healthier” fats and may help lower your cholesterol.  Even these fats are high in calories, so make sure you use it in moderation.  Olive oil contains significant amounts of Vitamins A, B-1 and 2, C, D, E, K, and iron.  It also helps your intestines and helps against ulcers and gastritis as well as being a mild laxative.  If you drink it before eating it can protect the stomach from ulcers and a spoon or two with lemon or coffee prevents constipation with little side effect.  It accelerates brain development, treats urinary tract infection, and slows down aging.  It is cholesterol free.

Light, heat, and air can affect the taste and maybe the health benefits of olive oil. Try to use it within six months and keep it in a dark, cool place and a dark bottle.

Sugar Scrub
Combine 1 part sugar, 1 part table salt and 2 parts olive oil.  Shake
it all up until the three are evenly mixed.  This is excellent for exfoliating and eczema.

You can probably add essential oils for medicinal or magical purposes, but I have not experimented with this yet.

Magical Uses
You can use this as a base for oils.  I do not (I use safflower oil), so I don’t
know how well it works.  I might use it some day if the magical associations fit my goal.  Or if I run out of my base.

Olives are a fire and masculine plant.  They are good for healing, peace, fertility,
potency, protection, and lust.  This is one of those versatile herbs, but the associations are easily linked, so the spread makes a sort of sense.  I like to use these in cooking.  As you cook your veggies or whatever concentrate on the aspect of the olive oil you want to be present in the food.  Think about being healthier or protected or feeling amorous.  Visualize yourself in that state and feel it.  You can also make little rhymes or phrases to say as you cook and add all sorts of specifics, like how you stir.  The best option, in my opinion, is to get more foods that mean the same things to you in associations and/or color.  That
should really amp up your cooking for that goal.

I have also heard that a Greek form of divination is to drop olive oil into water. I
think it depended on whether or not it floated.  You could also see what shapes it made as it fell in the water to answer a question or divine the future.



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