Magickal Environments

In case you have never heard, Witches (or really anyone who works magick) are supposedly partial to living at the beach.  Why?  Because the beach is the most obvious expression and natural embodiment of all four elements in one environment.  You have the sea–that’s Water.  The sun is Fire.  Air is Air (duh, that one’s everywhere), and the sand is Earth.

Image from Google image search

Me, I’ve never been a huge fan of the beach.  My British ancestry (from multiple lines in my family, as well as some Russian/German sprinkled in) shows at that point, and no matter how hard I try to avoid a sunburn and regardless of how diligently I put on sunscreen, I inevitably return home with a sunburn somewhere on my body.  So whenever I’m at the beach, I’m more worried about avoiding skin cancer than I am concentrating on the magickality of the beach.  I’m much more of the mountains or fields type of girl.  It’s a little easier to avoid sunburns, and generally those areas aren’t as hot.  Plus it’s so green, and I like green.

While the beach is definitely the most obvious expression of the four elements, I think it’s silly to say that Witches prefer one environment over another.  It’s a sweeping generalization that I’ve never liked.  Although the beach is certainly a good place to work magic, that doesn’t mean that the mountains or fields are less potent places to work successful magick.  I see no reason why a lake in the mountains or a river or stream in the fields would be any less potent than the beach.

And if you’re uncomfortable in one locale because of its environment, like I am at the beach, I think it would stand to reason that your magick may not work as well in that locale because you may have more trouble attuning to a place you don’t feel comfortable in.


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