“Pagan-Proof Prayer” Part 2

A few months ago, The Wild Hunt posted about Maryland’s Frederick County Board of County Commissioners deciding to limit the county board meeting’s opening invocation to nonsectarian invocations made by clergy of established monotheistic faiths only.  But yesterday the Hunt posted again with good news on this story:

An NBC Washington headline called it the “Wiccan-proof prayer policy” and that spin must have caught the attention of County Attorney John Mathias, because the commissioners voted to alter the policy yesterday.

“They voted Thursday in Frederick to adopt changes recommended by County Attorney John Mathias. A key revision eliminates language allowing only those of monotheistic religions to offer the opening invocation. Mathias says such a restriction would have required the county to determine which religions are monotheistic.”

I have to say, I’m happy they changed their minds.  The rest of the Hunt’s post is worth a read, as he talks a little more about why the Board members possibly changed their minds.  I’m glad the invocations are nonsectarian, as I personally don’t believe sectarian [religious] invocations should be used in government settings. Besides, it made little sense to me that the invocations should be limited to people of a particular faith when the invocations are supposed to be nonsectarian–in other words, religion is not supposed to be an issue anyway.  The invocation could be made by a judge or the mayor or a priest or whomever, as long as it doesn’t include religion.  So why place the limit that the invoker should be from a monotheistic faith?  Regardless, I’m pleased to no longer be ashamed of a portion of my home state for religious prejudice and discrimination.

For my original post about the Pagan-proof prayer, see here.


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